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Top Cloud Computing Examples That Will Change the Future of Technology

Gone are the days when you had to install hardwares and incorporate large resources physically. Now, everything is transformed and far better than the previous. If you look closely in the IT industry, you will see how Cloud computing has revolutionized the market and changed the way software services were run. How?

Let’s dive into this small and crisp article and find everything you want to know about Cloud computing examples.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Services and Their Examples

1. SaaS

You might be aware of the term SaaS or Software-as-a-Service. But do you know what exactly SaaS  products do? Well, SaaS deals with distributing data online and accessing the same from a browser on any physical device. This service allows companies to use the software and access it easily without installing them physically. Easy, upfront and affordable than the physical resources.

Cloud Computing SaaS Example- Salesforce

Located in San Francisco, California, Salesforce is known to offer a very effective CRM tool. It allows organizations to manage customer relations and sales leads. It employs A.I. and customer data to generate potential leads and boost the product sales. This cloud is a great commercial solution for both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) organizations.

Other Leading Saas providers- Streamnative, Slack, HubSpot, Zoom, Trello, Netflix


2. IaaS

Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS is a virtual computing infrastructure that is managed completely online. For instance, IaaS is used as a testing environment in app developing companies, as a platform for big data analysis firms and so on. Since the service allows businesses to continue work eliminating the cost of infrastructure setup and installation, it is quickly becoming popular among global firms.

Cloud Computing IaaS Example- IBM

One of the leading and oldest technology giants IBM offers great IaaS servers. Its “bare metal servers” are known to take less time for deployment and have capacity of 3 terabyte storage.  Similarly, the “virtual servers” of IBM are very effective for projects that require flexibility. It can also be deployed in minutes without any hassle.

Other Leading IaaS Providers- Cisco Metacloud, Digital Ocean, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Green Cloud Technologies, Rackspace Open Cloud


3. PaaS

Platform-as-a- Service or PaaS is another example of cloud computing that allows users to host development kits. Moreover, it offers database tools and empowers business with application management powers. Through this, business firms can outsource hosting. They get large data storage and also find database security which directly helps them to save a huge amount of money.

Cloud Computing PaaS Example- PagerDuty

This service provider offers businesses an easy way to anticipate incidents. It helps them to address issues and monitor events in real time. By using the PagerDuty cloud and machine learning abilities, companies can gather data and distribute tasks across solution experts.

Other Leading PaaS Providers- Infostretch, Acquia, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Red Hat Openshift, Oracle Cloud Platform


4. Big Data Analytics

Earlier big companies used to spend a lot of money purchasing data storage but now they need not do that. They have started relying on the Cloud computing services that offer them easy and reliable ways to store and analyze their data. Big data analytics is one such service that allows organizations to analyze their data by using predictive models, what-if analysis and statistical algorithms.

Cloud Computing Big Data Analytics Example- Datadog

A Boston based company that helps organizations to monitor their entire infrastructure. Its powerful dashboards and 400+ built in integrations are compatible with any stack and ecosystem. Datadog cloud is a very popular solution for companies to understand their products and technologies for having a better idea about customer experience and company’s future growth.

Other Leading Big Data Analytics Providers- Collibra, Civis Analytics, Spins


5. Data Governance and Cyber Security

If you think that storing data is the only advantage of Cloud computing, then you need to have second thoughts. Cloud computing is a vast technology that not only allows the user to store information but also to analyze and safeguard your data. Cloud based security strives to protect data by restricting cyber invasions.

Cloud Computing Data Governance Example- Zscaler

Located in San Jose, Zscaler is associated with the largest platforms such as At&T, VMware, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. It inspects 140 billion transactions in a day and obstructs 100 million threats at the same time. Zscaler offers a zero trust platform to its customers and stands as one of the most powerful service providers for cyber security.

Other Leading Data Governance and Cyber Security Providers- Palo Alto Networks, Carbonite

So, these are the top Cloud Computing examples that are changing the technological world rapidly. Apart from the aforementioned service providers, there are various organizations that offer users cloud computing services.