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Top 10 PaaS Cloud Computing Examples in 2022

PaaS abbreviated as Platform as a Service is an agile and fast paced cloud computing service. It employs a cloud based environment and allows enterprises to develop, test and manage applications online. For the past few years, PaaS has brought various significant changes in the market. Each organization is now relying upon it and using the former for building their applications.

Presently, few PaaS services have been on the top for their seamless experience. Here is the list of 10 popular and best PaaS in Cloud Computing examples.

10 Popular Examples of PaaS That Are Useful To Your Business

1. SAP

Headquartered in Germany, SAP is a multinational company that offers an open business platform for the businesses. It has a variety of business models through which enterprises can integrate, deploy, test and handle their applications over the Internet. The prominent cloud services offered by SAP to global businesses are: SAP Jam, SAP Fiori Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP Cloud Platform Analytics, SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning and so on.

2. Microsoft Azure

Powered by Microsoft, Azure is a development and deployment platform. It offers various tools, frameworks and languages for better and improved application development process. Apart from PaaS, Azure also offers SaaS and IaaS platforms to the businesses. With its help, enterprises can easily develop and secure their infrastructures from anywhere in the world.

3. Thingworx

Another example of PaaS in Cloud Computing is Thingworx. It is one of the fastest and smartest Paas in the Cloud Computing example list. Thingworx extends support to its clients with their efficient tools for better connectivity, production, data distribution and analysis.

4. AWS Beanstalk

Another popular cloud service is AWS Beanstalk from Amazon. This Example of PaaS in Cloud Computing is very convenient and adaptable. With its help, businesses can quickly deploy and scale their applications developed through different languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, Docker, Go, Node.js, PHP, .NET etc. The main advantage of AWS Beanstalk is its uncomplicated nature. The former reduces the complexity of apps and makes the cloud experience simpler and quicker.

5. IBM Bluemix

Bluemix is a cloud environment that was developed by techgiant IBM. It supports not only PaaS but also the integrated DevOps and different programming languages used in the deployment process. Unlike other Paas examples, IBM Bluemix is free for 50+ products and beyond that it follows the Pay-as-You-Go rule. As per IBM reports, at present 233 companies in the world are using IBM Cloud storage for deployment and management of their software applications.

6. Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce is a big name in the Cloud Industry. It is not only included in the PaaS examples but also in the list of top 10 SaaS examples. For the developers, it comes up as a future development resource that is not just reliable but also very powerful and scalable. By using Salesforce Lightning, enterprises can improve their user interface and can decrease their infrastructure cost.

7.Google App Engine

As the name suggests, Google App Engine is powered by the Google Cloud. This scalable PaaS example helps the developers to deploy and develop their software applications faster and better.  Since Google provided strong servers to businesses, many tech giants are associated with Google App Engine. The main features of Google App Engine are- fully managed ecosystem and support to various programming languages including Java, Ruby, .NET, Node.js etc. If you are an early bird, you can get started with Google App Engine with 300$ free credits.

8. Dokku

Dokku is an open source and free Cloud platform for businesses. As their website suggests, “Dokku is the smallest PaaS implementation.” Even if it is not a big name among other PaaS in Cloud Computing examples, it is definitely a preferred choice for developers for seamless and cost effective support. Another advantage that makes Dokku a popular choice is the less vendor lock in chances. Users may change their business model anytime over Dokku cloud ecosystem.

9. WSO2

Another open source cloud platform that is making developers’ life easy is WSO2. It is a brain child of Sanjiva Weerawarana, Paul Fremantle and Davanum Srinivas. With this, developers can easily integrate apps, data or systems on the web. Recently, WSO2 has launched private PaaS 4.0 which is the first comprehensive business Grade PaaS. It is based on the Apache Stratos 4.0 framework that provides real time auto scalability and application deployment.

10. Oracle Cloud Platform

Another PaaS Cloud computing example in the list is Oracle’s Cloud platform. It offers 100+ cloud services to help small to large enterprises. Here users can get storage, servers, network and various applications on demand. Moreover, Oracle Cloud offers platform support for tools such as Kubernetes, containers and DevOps. Its cloud suite is said to be useful for improving customer engagement, agility and growth pace of business.

So, these were the top PaaS examples that are revolutionizing the tech world. You can also learn more about other cloud computing services like SaaS and IaaS through our other articles.