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8 Top Providers of IaaS in Cloud Computing Examples

Cloud computing has taken over the IT market. Now, every business that desires to grow is switching to different services of cloud computing. One such service is IaaS (Infrastructure as a service).

IaaS is basically an instant cloud based infrastructure which is provided to a business. It exhibits serverless computing  which eliminates the need for physical maintenance and updation of on-premise components. Mostly, the infrastructure of IaaS in cloud computing examples are governed using a dashboard or API (Application programming interface). It offers a comprehensive environment that supports virtualization, networking, automation, and storage. The service also supports hardware and software deployment according to the demand of businesses.

Moreover, the main advantage of having IaaS in cloud computing  is scalability of infrastructure. It means users can anytime scale up or go down as per their need. They get the benefit of paying only for the resources that they are using.

Here is the list of 8 examples of IaaS in cloud computing.

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Flex Metal Cloud
  3. Linode
  4. Cisco Metacloud
  5. Digital Ocean
  6. IBM Cloud
  7. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  8. Rackspace’s Open Cloud

1.Microsoft Azure

One of the best IaaS in cloud computing examples is Azure by Mirosoft. It is a dominant and very popular cloud service that extends a wide range of benefits to its end users. The platform is versatile and has various features. Here you can deploy various configurations and by using an array of tools and options. In addition, you get an easy way out to make better customer reach and scale up your business.

2.Flex Metal Cloud

This is another finest example of IaaS in cloud computing services. Launched by Inmotion Hosting, Flex Metal Cloud is a big name in the Cloud spectrum. It offers a great hosting platform which supports every business model. Besides this, Flex Metal allows the small organizations to have their own private cloud. It allows the end users to pay for what they use.


The list includes Linode, another IaaS example. It is one of the largest cloud providers that are operating independently in the world. Based in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, Linode provides a cloud platform for web hosting services. Here, users can create, manage and deploy virtual services and servers without having much technical expertise. Moreover, Linode is the most user-friendly IaaS in the cloud computing example list. It ensures low latency and a smooth experience for everyone who uses its cloud.

4.Cisco Metacloud

Metacloud is the openstack private cloud owned by Cisco. It was founded in 2011 by a Ticketmaster Technologist and then acquired by Cisco after three years of its launch. At present, Metacloud offers openstack based and enterprise grade cloud to businesses. Its main features are scalability, security, advanced operational support and fault tolerant designs.

5.Digital Ocean

Digital ocean is another amazing IaaS example that offers web hosting to enterprises. It has its headquarters in New York and data centers around the world. The IaaS vendor allows its users to deploy, manage and scale their applications to any extent.  It offers two main products, Droplets and Storage. Droplets comprises varied configurations and sizes of computer servers while storage includes space for block and object storage.

6.IBM Cloud

IBM needs no introduction and when it comes to cloud computing, they come up as a brand that is reliable, powerful and customer oriented. Like other IaaS examples in the list, IBM cloud also offers cloud platforms for deploying and managing enterprise infrastructures. It provides various services such as enterprise file sharing, user profiles, instant messaging, mails and calendar. However, the most popular product from IBM cloud is its object storage. Through it, end users can store large unstructured data across multiple geographical locations.

7.Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Headquartered in Washington, United States, Amazon Web Services is a big name in offering affordable, scalable and trustworthy cloud computing services. It follows the “pay for what you use” vision and allows its users to host their applications on the cloud. AWS cloud comprises all the essential features to begin a cloud project. Also, it offers various services such as networking, machine learning, networking, content marketing, storage etc.

8.Rackspace’s Open Cloud

This IaaS example is one of the finest examples of cloud computing services. It is a google cloud partner with various features such as VMware and HyperVisor, OpenStack, Azure, AWS deployment. It provides a user oriented business model that meets all the needs of organizations. Using Rackspace cloud one can deploy hundreds of cloud servers instantly in premises. At present, the Rackspace cloud data services can be accessed at their 6 data centers- Dallas, Virginia, Hong-kong, London, Sydney, Northern Virginia, and Chicago.


Aforementioned IaaS examples are among the leading IaaS providers in the world. You may use their cloud platform to accelerate your business growth. Remember, Cloud Computing is the future of the world and if you want to stay ahead you need to embrace the new cloud services- SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.