Cloud Conc is a global cloud service platform that offers enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products to all types of organizations irrespective of their size and type.

We offer IT-based service and cutting edge cloud computing technology by using our years of experience in getting access to the most high level of customer service.

Our platform and services help in building a strong agile IT ecosystem with hybrid multi-cloud environments, security and network that you require globally. Our world-class team offer the best cloud solution that allows you to grow across the globe while improving productivity and efficiency, along with offering customer experience.

Cloud Conc offers different international data centres with many servers worldwide, offering help to start-ups, application developers, international enterprises, and Saas providers. We help in:

  • Preparing a well-designed cloud strategies that reduce expansion efforts and cloud expenses.
  • Designing infrastructure using microservices and containers.
  • Classification of cloud or hybrid IT infrastructures.
  • Setting up ongoing integration and ongoing delivery channels.
  • Monitoring and reporting of the infrastructure implementation, including root cause investigation of the incidents.
  • Determining infrastructure requirements for customers and leverage their data in setting up.
  • Offering a real-time process to ensure data is available at right time.

We help clients to have complete control over their cloud infrastructure, whether it is a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid model.